Bye Debt

“It was a dark, cold night….I knew this debt was going to kill me “

Conrad_Inspire realized that Dave Ramsey is talking to him.

Bye Debt

Why Support Is Important

The only reason I have come this far in my debt journey is because I have surrounded myself with people and resources that support my decisions. I’m 23 years old, which means that the majority of my peer group typically falls into two camps: ‘I just got out of college and I’m in a mess… Continue reading Why Support Is Important

Healthy Living

Healthy Options for Barbeques/Cookouts in the Summer (ideas and recipes)

Ah summertime, and the living’s easy – right? I don’t know about you, but the season of summer completely changes my mindset and I usually feel more at ease. The sun is out, vacations are planned, tans are happening, and there are more barbeques/cookouts than ever. Cookouts are wonderful for spending time with others and… Continue reading Healthy Options for Barbeques/Cookouts in the Summer (ideas and recipes)

Bye Debt · Healthy Living

MDD + Dave Ramsey

I have had MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) since I was a teen. During the last few years I was on and off medication, meditation, journaling, self-help books, therapy, etc. You name something to help with mental illness; I’ve tried it…excluding electroshock therapy. Last year was full of panic attacks and suicidal… Continue reading MDD + Dave Ramsey