Bye Debt

July Overview

July was CRAZY!

  • My cousin from NYC came down to see me
  • I went to California to see my best friend for 5 days
  • My MIL came to visit us for a week
  • I broke every single line item on my budget

The last bullet is completely true, which is why we’ve made the decision to finally switch to cash envelopes. I’ve never done them before out of laziness, but it’s gotten to the point where we HAVE to pay off debt this year or I’m gonna go bonkers.

Despite being completely over budget on absolutely everything, we paid off $3k and we’re MEDICAL DEBT FREE!

We are lucky enough to have three streams of passive income outside of of paychecks – which is why this is possible. It still doesn’t excuse the lack of budget discipline – so we’re gettin’ our ish together!


Here’s what we started out with: $50,896.71
Here’s what we’ve paid off since 1/4/16: $43,393.80
Here’s the medical debt: $4,859.62 | $194 (paid) + $3,923.74 (paid) + $718.83 (specialist -paid) + $23.26 (another specialist – paid)
Here’s what we’ve got left to go:  $13,504.67 -James’ Car Loan
This month we paid off a total of: $3,000.74

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