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June Overview

June was another challenging month in our household.

  • In the second half of the year, I always travel for work, which presents new sinking fund challenges.
    • I diverted about $425 towards being away from home for 11 days out of this month
  • My father has to have another round of surgery, so we are going to have some money to spend at the hospital for the long waiting hours
  • Fixing my car took extra money as well, but that was completely worth it!

We are ahead of schedule paying off the last big medical bill.
I project it to be done by the end of July!

James and I have decided that we are going to put my entire paycheck on debt. Typically I would split it in half and use the rest for sinking funds, help with a bill, or going out to eat. We’re putting an end to that and sticking to sinking funds and debt. We are both determined to try our hardest to get out of debt THIS YEAR.

Here’s what we started out with: $50,896.71
Here’s what we’ve paid off since 1/4/16: $39,255.03
Here’s the medical debt: $4,859.62 | $194 (paid) + $3,923.74 (hospital) + $718.83 (specialist -paid) + $23.26 (another specialist – paid)
Here’s what we’ve got left to go: $16,698.52 | $3,000.74 – James Medical Bills | $13, 697.78 -James Car Loan
This month we paid off a total of $1,641.83

2 thoughts on “June Overview

  1. Medical debt is the worst! Did you have a surgery? I am paying off my medical debt (among other debts) too. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune eye disorder 2 years ago. Luckily it isn’t “active” because if it’s “active” it could potentially cause blindness. I have to go to the University of Virginia Medical Center every few months for them to monitor my eyes. Every appointment is SO expensive even WITH insurance! I hate going because I know I’m going to get a huge bill a few months later.

    I’m hoping after my next visit he will let me stop coming since it will be 2 years without any changes in my eyes.


    1. Medical debt causes so much strain! I hope that things change for you and you are able to get ahead of your eye issues. I’ll be thinking of you! My husband had appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery. A 2 day hospital stay was $38k without insurance. Insanity.


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