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Clothes Spending This Year

Hey all! I wanted to give you a quick update on my ‘War on Fast Fashion.’ This year I have spent exactly $349.16 on new clothes. Here’s the breakdown of that:

  • $310.26 – David’s Bridal bridesmaid dress – Including alterations
  • $25 – Charity 5K Shirt
  • $13.90 – Target kids section top

In my initial goal setting, I excluded undergarments as well as wedding necessities, since I knew I had an obligation this year. I’ve only bought 2 articles of clothing that I will actually wear on a weekly basis in 2017.

Why am I trying to not buy clothes? Long story short, fast fashion is killing the environment, harmful to labor workers in developing countries, promotes sexism in developing countries, and is overall horrible for your finances. If you want to read up for a more detailed explanation, here’s my entry from a few months ago: Click here

I’m excited that I’ve, for the most part, stuck with this. I haven’t bought clothing for almost 1/2 a year!

  1. If you have friends of the same size, try to do a closet swap, or ask them if you can sift through some of their donations before they take them to Goodwill
  2. Clean out your closet – if you haven’t worn something in a year, odds are, you aren’t going to wear it – donate or give to a girlfriend
  3. Buy long-lasting, well-made clothing. Fast fashions relies on poorly made material so that it breaks down and you buy more. Investing in quality is better than buying over and over and over again
  4. Don’t go into stores – A technique I have used for the majority of my debt free journey, is to simply avoid any retail stores. If you don’t go in, you won’t buy anything

You can follow my debt free journey on Instagram at @veefrugalfox

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