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ChangEd App Review

Apple Rating: N/A – Not enough reviews to rate (So use it and rate it!)
Vee’s Rating: 4.8/5

Overview: When it comes to student loans, there aren’t very many resources. I mean, there are, just not in the way of apps and programs. Basically, there are ways to refinance, consolidate, or view the amounts that you owe. That’s it — and that’s a bummer. We have hundreds of financial apps to help with everything from investing to savings goals, but very limited ones to help with student debt. 40 MILLION Americans are in student loan debt, so why hasn’t a market evolved to include better ways to pay off the $1.2 trillion that is currently owed? Let me introduce you to ChangEd. ChangEd is like the Digit of the student debt world.

How does it work: You download it from the app store – they’re still working on Android — input all of your bank and student loan information, and the app rounds up to the nearest dollar every transaction.

Let’s say you purchase a book for $15.32 at your local B&N – ChangEd will round up that transaction to $16.00, putting away $0.68 for you. After you have saved $100 in ‘change,’ the money will be put on your student loan.


The interface is easy and beautiful: The developers made this app as easy to use as possible. On your dashboard you can view your transactions, how much you’ve saved, and how much change month-to-month you’re dedicating to your student loans. The aesthetics and ease make ChangEd a wonderful user experience.

It’s mindless: You don’t really have to think too much about saving with this app, which makes it even more desirable. It just makes cents. 😉

They’re real people: I reached out to ChangEd twice, and was met with an email from the actual founders. A real-life person!? Customer service = A+


Unlike Digit, each transaction isn’t subtracted automatically. At about $6 in change, I was prompted that that amount would be coming out of my checking account. I would like to see each transaction automatically deducted so that the balance showed on my banking statement reflected each rounded up transaction in ChangEd.

Cost: $1 a month

I was not paid to review this app, I genuinely liked it and thought others could benefit from it!

Follow my debt free journey on Instagram: @veefrugalfox

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