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April Overview

April showers bring May flowers. Right? At least that’s what we’re hoping. Unlike March, this month wasn’t a mixed bag for us. It was a complete shit show. Maddy (BFF from CA) was visiting and during her birthday dinner, James announced that he needed to go to the ER. 48 hours and $12,000 later we were in a hospital room with a removed appendix. The best part? Income that we expect every month hasn’t come in for the last TWO MONTHS! Yay!

So — our debt snowball is up in the air at the moment. We have no idea how much our health insurance will cover, but we are completely grateful that we even had the possibility of getting this emergency taken care of, when so many others in the world don’t have that privilege.

No matter how much our debt has gone up, James and I have decided to stick with paying off my student loan first – so we’re still on track for that!

This month we paid off $1,413.51 on my student loans and James’ car.

Here’s what we started out with: $50,896.71
Here’s what we’ve paid off since 1/4/16: $34,729.80
Here’s the medical debt SO FAR: $194
Here’s what we’ve got left to go: ???

I have $2,504.85  left on my student loan, which I still project will be completed by next month! Fingers crossed.

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