Bye Debt

The Secret Life of a Broke Babe

I went on a road trip once with a few dope ladies. We drove my car the sixteen hours, blasted music and gassed up the car a few times. We hit up an expensive nightclub, where I had many, many, many drinks – and kissed a complete stranger (YUCK).  We ate at some pretty decent restaurants and at my behest stopped at a HUGE mall where I racked up on shoes, clothes, and accessories. And by racked up I mean I swiped my debit card until I only had $28 left to return home with. Did I realize this or even care in the moment, of course not. I was completely oblivious to it. It wasn’t until it was time to return home, and it was my turn to gas up the car that I realized I only had $28 left.

Picture this, a pretty sassy babe (me), standing at the pump, pulling up my online banking only to realize that if I filled up my car I wouldn’t have any money once I got back home…. Would’ve made since for me to swallow my pride and let my girls know that I had overdone it right? And maybe even consider asking for help? Ha, not me! At that point in my life I was pretty good at living my secret, broke life.  I knew that if I processed the transaction as credit that the bank would only hold $1 and not the full $22.50 so I swiped my card, filled up my tank, got in the car and complained about being hungry – which I’m pretty sure led to a fast food stop because I wasn’t really broke yet right (ugh).

This story and many others lead to me constantly being on the line with my bank fussing about overdraft fees and negative balances. I had convinced myself that the big, bad, banks were taking advantage of me and when that got old I convinced myself that I just didn’t make enough money to live the life I wanted to. It would take me many years after this occurrence and many others to get myself together. Please don’t let this be you! If you’re a babe, living a secret, broke life I urge you to get a grip AND a budget NOW because in doing so you’ll open up so many possibilities for yourself and you’ll experience a sense of freedom like no other.

With a budget and a less prideful attitude I’ve been able to pay off $31,000 in debt, pad my emergency account and leave my corporate job (with 2 years worth of expenses saved), to leap into a commission-based career that I love. I’ve traveled to some pretty fun places and was still able to return home with money! I haven’t paid an overdraft fee, a late fee, or any other unnecessary fees in years and I feel pretty good about that! Now instead of being a broke babe I’m a frugal babe and I have no regrets. I slip and “fall” and backslide every once in a while but I’ll never be able to go back to my old lifestyle. It’s totally not worth it. If you need help with your finances and can’t seem to find a way to get ahead admit that to yourself first. Be accountable, be real, and be honest. After that seek help and put your all into it. You won’t regret it!

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