Bye Debt

April Guest Posts

Hey there, Frugal Fox followers! Next month my blog is being taken over by some of my favorite people on this planet. Each week I will have someone in the debt free community featured on my foxy blog. They’ll be writing about different baby steps, different methods of budgeting, student loans, relationships with money credit cards, life pre-Dave Ramsey, life post Dave Ramsey — you name it, they’ll be covering it.

I have always considered the debt free community a cornerstone of my personal finance success – so this is my way of giving people an even bigger audience – because THEY DESERVE IT.

Not only that, but this is a diverse group of people. I mean, you seriously can’t get anymore differentiated. Different races, genders, ages, careers, parenting status, relationship status, geographic location — the list goes on and on. We’re all different, but we lift each other up and support the debt free journey.

So check back in every week, ’cause you won’t want to miss the magic that happens!

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