Bye Debt

March Overview

March was a mixed bag for us in the Hill Household. I ended up with the flu turned bronchitis in the beginning of the month, which made me miss a full week of work and spend close to $300 on doctors visits and medication. Trust me y’all, it literally pays to be healthy. On the upside, my career is going extremely well! I asked for a raise and got one, plus benefits, and a 401k option with the company — which will be extremely important in a year.

As far as our debt payoff goes, we are still waiting to pay the taxes we owe to the fed, but we have a nice jump in income from a new roommate ($450 per month) and now more pay on my end! I started to sell on Poshmark again in hopes to supplement more income to pay MORE debt! After April we will be able to put more on debt as well, since the Easter party and James’ birthday will have passed, as well as a gym membership ending ($39.95 extra towards debt)! We have also decided to cancel our vacation to California this year. We put that sinking fund on debt instead of spending $2k in August.

This month we paid off $2,194 on my student loans and James’ car.

Here’s what we started out with: $50,896.71
Here’s what we’ve paid off since 1/4/16: $33,366.83
Here’s what we’ve got left to go: $17,529.88

I have $3,718.98  left on my student loan, which I project being completed in May now. Slowly, but surely, it’s happening. We didn’t meet the goal of paying off half of what I had left; however, we are still trucking along!

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