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Pricey Pets: How to be Frugal with your Furry Friends

  1. Litter from Petco

When you have cats, litter is obviously a necessity. Unfortunately for us crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen), it’s insanely expensive. We found that getting our cat litter off of Amazon (40lb tub for $14 + free shipping) is cheaper than a traditional grocery store, but what’s better is Petco! You purchase a bucket of cat litter, they mark through the barcode, and each time you bring it back, you get litter for cheaper when you refill your bucket. It’s THE BEST local option, when you forget about Amazon, and it covers smells like any other brand.

  1. Getting food off of Amazon (Prime)

If you have an Amazon Prime membership there’s really no reason to not purchase pet food off of it. It’s always cheaper than the pet store or grocery store. If you set up a scheduled/subscribed delivery you get another percentage off the price (5-15%).

  1. Free shots and/or clinics

In my hometown there are always free clinics at local pet stores and vets. Check your local news and the calendars at these places! If you qualify its often lower cost, sometimes its even free!

  1. Free and reduced neutering/spay services

This is a pretty well known thing: Communities don’t want anymore pets on the streets or in shelters, so they offer reduced and sometimes free spay and neutering services. They are often at these clinics mentioned in #3, but there are offices dedicated to this service for dogs and cats. Use the Google machine to find out more! HUGE shout-out to SNAP – NC 

  1. DIY

Make your own cat litter, flea meds, shampoo, outfits and, more! Pinterest is a wonderful thing, y’all.

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