Bye Debt

Mistakes I’ve Made Paying Off Debt

  1. Telling Everyone… too much… all the time
    Not everyone is on this debt fight train. Not everyone wants to talk about it. Unfortunately, my life is basically “Mind on my money, money on my mind” and if you talk to me for more than… 10 minutes, Dave Ramsey will come up, and then you’ll be stuck listening to me talk about nothing but debt and my personal journey to combat the cultural norm of living under the thumb of “the capitalist man.” To me, this is my absolute passion. To other people, it’s really fucking annoying. My advice? Feel people out and if they don’t respond to it, don’t push it.
  2. Not Taking into account other Debts I was paying on
    It was July 2016 and we were at about $10k. Even though that is a ton of money, I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t figure out why it was such a low figure when we were killing ourselves every month. Then I realized that we didn’t include the minimum payments we were making on our other loans. Duh, Vee, duh. It brought our total up to $12,000 – and I was a happy camper again!
  3. Speaking of killing ourselves…
    Going too far is definitely a thing in this Debt Fighting Community. Paying off debt is addictive. I know that sounds crazy, but watching the numbers go down, and consistently checking your bank account, and adjusting the budget, and researching new ways online, and listening to Dave Ramsey. It gets to be too much, really quickly. I had to learn how to let myself live. I had to learn that just because I wasn’t putting $5k on debt per month, didn’t mean what I was doing was less than. You have to give yourself a break, and trust the timeline you’ve given yourself. I have two years – so killing myself wasn’t in the equation while paying off this debt. Just chill out, you’ll reach your goals, but don’t go without and don’t make it an unhealthy obsession.
  4. Bulldozing my partner
    I’m not going to lie – getting out of debt was my idea. I did all of the research and the work. I basically became the financial advisor of our life. So when it came time to bring my husband into the conversation, I was defensive. I was territorial. I was pretty nasty. How dare you want to spend any money! Don’t you know that we have x amount to put away for this payoff date!? Spending that will derail EVERYTHING I’VE WORKD FOR. This will only hurt your relationship, and cause your partner to go in the opposite direction. Bring them in to the journey. Open communication up. Listen to their dreams and their needs. This is really a key ingredient to the delicious cake that is becoming debt free. Without you and your partner being on the exact same page, it’s not going to work.


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