Bye Debt

Why Support Is Important

The only reason I have come this far in my debt journey is because I have surrounded myself with people and resources that support my decisions. I’m 23 years old, which means that the majority of my peer group typically falls into two camps:

  1. ‘I just got out of college and I’m in a mess load of debt. Halp.’

Your 20’s are marketed as your ‘you’ years – while I do agree with this to some extent, the ‘you’ years don’t have to be spent throwing away money and becoming ill prepared for your future. Being responsible with your money is a high level of self-care, often ignored due to fear and misunderstanding. I have found that with Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step Plan, I am not intimidated. I am still ignorant about many, if not most things financial, but taking it one step at a time, has made me feel like I can (eventually) conquer the world. Or at least my small bubble.

What do I mean by support?

I have decided to purge all of my social media channels of the ‘party camp’ Kudos to you for not having a care in the world, but I have a lot of cares and I give a lot of fucks about my future. So, you do you and I’ll do me!

My Instagram is filled with positive people following the Ramsey plan or just trying to live a financially responsible life. It’s also filled with cute puppies, kitties, and inspirational fitness bloggers. I want to inundate myself with all the good mojo I need to see myself through my goals.
My Facebook page is reserved for my opinions on mental health, although I do share my financial life occasionally when I hit a big goal.
My Pinterest has been replaced with bloggers like myself, living a successful frugal life.
I’ve read Total Money Makeover a couple of times, I stay in contact with people who are in the same baby step and I read Dave Ramsey’s blog almost every week.

Outside of the screen, I have Cee, who is my rock when it comes to financial fierceness and fitness. We started this journey together and we both intend to watch as each other succeeds.
James is continuously amazed by our progress, even if he begrudgingly admits that not spending money on tools and the new yard is the right thing to do at the moment.
Many people have come to me with questions about how exactly to start this after reading this blog or following me on Instagram.
I try to avoid financial conversations with people who don’t want to live this life – although this is extremely difficult to do because money is almost all I think about.

As with anything in life, your mental attitude is half the battle. If you have surround yourself with what you need, as opposed to what has been dragging you down, then you will be successful. Distance yourself from negativity, people on different paths, and bad habits. Encompass yourself with the tools for success and you’ll be ready for the work it takes to get there.

On January 1, 2016 I had $49,814.25 in debt. As of July 19, 2016 I am at $36,982.39. At the end of July we will be over $14,000 in debt paid. Within 8 months of starting.



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