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How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without Breaking the Bank

Father’s Day is quickly approaching on June 19th (you’re welcome it slipped your mind)! This is a fun holiday to celebrate, but it can quickly add up, especially if you have more than one father figure in your life. I have thought of some ways to help make someone feel special and appreciated without breaking your budget (see below):

  • Make a card/print a card offline
    • Cards can be expensive, although they don’t have to be! Think of exploring some free options online that can easily be replicated or printed. If you would rather purchase a card, think about perusing the $0.99 card section (Trader Joe’s has an excellent and often humorous selection).
  • Cook Their Favorite Meal
    • Everyone has to eat, right? If you are planning on going home to visit, think of planning ahead to purchase (or coordinate with other family members) their favorite meal to cook in. Since it is the warmer months, maybe think of taking the meal outdoors to enjoy the weather and company.
  • Take Activities Off their Plates
    • If your father typically does errands or chores on a specific day, why not offer to help with those activities or completely take them off their hands? This may seem like a small gesture, but it could allow them to focus on other priorities or give them leisure time they may not have otherwise.
  • Spend Time Outdoors or Indoors Together
    • If possible, think of ways to spend time together without spending money. For example, going outdoors for an activity (i.e. parks, pool, beach, hiking, museums, etc.). If the weather doesn’t allow for it, or that isn’t of interest, consider some indoor activities: watching a movie or television show together, planning a game night, etc.
  • Combine Resources/Collaborate with Others
    • Other family members can really come into play here, and it may be helpful to consider combining funds and/or events. For example, instead of having multiple celebrations or meals out, you could think about having a central location and inviting extended family together. This may not work for everyone, but could be helpful!

These are some simple, effortless ideas to help celebrate Father’s Day without having to spend too much money. Most of these activities require some planning ahead, but allow for families to spend time together. What are some of the ways you celebrate Father’s Day?

Tell us in the comments, and as always, if you have any questions, email us at
– CL

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