Bye Debt

Non-negotiable NEEDS

Last week Vee posted about the changes and things we both immediately gave up once we decided to commit to becoming debt-free. This week I have compiled a list of things I refuse to skimp on, regardless of my frugal life. See below for this list of my non-negotiables!


Things I Refused to Eliminate from My Budget and Frugal Life:

  • Insurance:
    • Health – My current position offers health insurance as a part of my compensation, and I must say it is a great package. Because I am enrolled in this, it is deducted from my paycheck, however, it does allow me to have some ease of mind if I should need to utilize it.
    • Car – Similar to the previous statement, I do have a car, which is required for my current position. If it was not, I honestly may not have a car! Since I do have a car, I have insurance for it.
      • For anyone who decides to enroll in any sort of insurance, I would highly suggest shopping around for the best deal that applies to your personal circumstances. Make sure that you see if and/or how you can save!
    • Contributing to my Retirement Fund – I contribute to my retirement fund on a monthly basis. I made the decision to prioritize this for myself, and while I know it is not the “Dave way,” I see this as being important for my future.
  • Healthy Eating/Living:
    • I love to be active and eat well! Taking care of myself is essential for my personal well-being. Some people believe that if you want to have an active, healthy lifestyle, you have to shell out the cash. I have not found that to be the case. Instead of paying for certain things like I used to (i.e. fitness classes, exclusive workouts, gym memberships, organic foods, etc.), I have found simple substitutes, and have not noticed a significant, if any, difference.
  • Shopping:
    • Specifically, name brands (for some things). In an effort to save some money, I attempted to switch from name brand products to the generic brand. In the past I have not found there to be much of a difference, however, when it came to certain products it has made a difference (i.e. skin care products). The difference between the name brand and the generic brand is a small amount, and it has given me better results to stay with the name brands.
  • Smart Phone:
    • Due to the nature of my position, I need to have access to my email and phone on a regular basis, even after I officially leave the office. Due to this, I decided to keep my smart phone during my Dave phase.
  • Fun!
    • Some Other Things that are Considered “Extras”:
      • Quality Coffee – I buy quality coffee (aka my favorite coffee) at the grocery store, and then make it fresh at home! Compared to the other brands available, I do spend more money, however, I have stopped buying coffee from a coffeeshop on a daily basis.
      • Alcohol – I do purchase alcohol, but like with coffee, I purchase it at the store and rarely purchase drinks when I go out with my friends. I will say that since I have become dedicated to my budget, I have noticed a large difference in the amount of alcohol I consume (and my body is thanking me for it!).
      • Meals Out – I typically budget for a couple of meals per month, depending on what things might be coming up! I will say I like to budget out a couple of months, and make small adjustments as I need to. For the most part, I buy groceries and meal plan for each week, but I know myself and how I like to go out to eat once in a while. This allows me to keep balance in my life, and stops me from wanting to go back to spending outside of my means.


What are your non-negotiables? We would love to hear what things you have eliminated from your budget and what things you refuse to give up. Email us at


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