What to do NOW


Anybody can start living a more frugal life. When Cee and I first started, these are thing things we immediately did and what YOU can do to cut back and pay off some debt:

  •     Cut the cable
    •     There are much cheaper alternatives:
    •    Netflix: $8 per month (basic)
    •     Hulu: $8 per month (basic)
    •    Redbox: $1 movies and games for rent
    •    Roku: Streaming box | FREE channels and your other streaming services (Netflix, etc.)
  •     Get Rid of Gym Membership (you don’t use)
    •    Obviously Cee and I go to the gym A LOT – but if it’s just sucking money out of your wallet, why not get rid of that wasted membership and use Youtube tutorials instead?
    •    Yoga Studio: BEST YOGA APP EVER
    •     Tone It Up
    •    Blogilates
    •    Popsugar Fitness
  •     Stop Starbucks
  •     Personal Shopping
    •     If you are one of those people that likes having ‘in season’ clothes: Good for you. If you want to live a frugal life, start shopping thrift stores OR put a freeze on personal shopping items all together.
  •     Gettin’ Those Nails Did
  •     Sell some stuff
    •  If you have items laying around that you don’t use, try to sell them. Craiglist, Ebay, garage sale… it doesn’t matter. Money in your pocket is money in your pocket.

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