Bye Debt

The Big Secret to Getting Out of Debt

I’ve seen a lot of articles on Pinterest touting the easiest ways to get out of debt.
Here’s what no one will tell you.

The number O.N.E. tip to getting out of debt and being financially free, no matter your age…

  1.       WORK HARD

That’s it. Work. There’s no easy way out of debt – Unless you somehow hit the lottery or marry someone extremely wealthy, you’re stuck with the hole you’ve dug yourself. The only way to climb out? Grab that shovel and work your ass off.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good article with tips, tricks, and ideas about being financially responsible. They were (and still are) the lifeblood of my ‘get out of debt’ journey. I follow a lot of these authors on social media, and they are what has inspired me to be a fox. That being said, I still find these articles to be somewhat deceptive. The tips and tricks only work if you’re willing to do them. It sounds obvious, but unfortunately, it’s easy to read something and then not follow through. Especially when you find you actually have to sacrifice parts of your life to make this work. To give you an idea, this is a snapshot of my life:

  • I have a full time job with 40+ a week
  • I have a part time job with 10+ a week
  • I started this blog, which is about 10+ a week– hopefully this will be monetized at some point (fingers crossed)
  • My husband worked 70+ hours every week last month and always picks up at least 5 overtime shifts a month
  • We receive military benefits due to my husband’s service in the USMC

Basically, we never stop. We are always moving to make money to pay off debt. Always. Whether it’s when we’re physically at work, cleaning out the house to sell things, working on this blog, or adjusting budgets, a huge part of our life is consumed with working to pay off what we owe. This is a mutual decision – and we are in it together. Thankfully, I have a life partner that is on the same page with me in our financial journey. I am aware that others are not as fortunate. I have been in stages in my life where this has not been the case.

There’s no easy way – only sacrifice and determination. I have three jobs and relentlessly monitor our money. James works an ungodly amount in a very grueling environment. We are willing to do this because we have seen how hard work can result in amazing achievement in a very short amount of time.

I can suggest surrounding yourself with people that support you on your journey. I can also suggest flooding yourself with positive messages about financial fitness. This blog for example. But seriously, get rid of your email subscriptions, cut ties with material things you don’t need, and start to read up and take example of the people who are succeeding.

Most importantly, work. Because that’s the only way you’re going to get out of this thing.


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