Bye Debt

No Spend Weeks

When I first started digging my way out of debt, the persistence of ‘No spend (insert amount of time)’ posts stoked my curiosity. I eventually went on Pinterest to see exactly how to do these ‘No Spend Weeks’ and ‘No Spend Months.’ After researching some peoples’ experiences, I decided to try it myself. Here is what I have found from doing my ‘Frugal Fox No Spend Weeks.’

It really is a great way to revamp your budget and money habits

        If you feel like you aren’t paying off debt fast enough, or if you swipe your card too much, ‘No Spend Weeks’ help set your mentality back into frugal action and stabilize spending habits. Not swiping for a week freezes your bank account and you get a clear picture of when bills come out. Even if you aren’t a spendthrift, that $4 cup of coffee in the morning adds up to a sizeable amount each month.

It helps if you have a plan – and stick to it

        Whenever I plan out my month, I pick one or two ‘No Spend Weeks.’ Before these no spend weeks, I try to make sure that we have enough food to get by and my gas tank is full. During my no spend weeks, the only things I am allowed to spend money on is gas, because it’s sort of hard to make money at a job if you cant get there, and any emergency food items. For example, last week was a ‘No Spend Week’ for us. I spent $25 on gas and a jar of spaghetti sauce.  It’s extremely important that you have rules. Think about this as a game. With any game, there is strategy and rules. Use those things for you, rather than against you to come out on top.


        Do you see a reoccurring theme here? Saying ‘No.’ Is crucial on ‘No Spend Weeks.’ Remember those pesky rules? You’re going to get weird looks and disappointed responses, but I promise that it’s worth it in the end. This especially holds true when you can say you only spent x amount for seven whole days.

Remember – It’s just a week

        I have not been brave enough to attempt a no spend month. The reason I do that is because when I am feeling unmotivated, or like I am going to break rules, I can just tell myself that I have 3 more days, or 2 more days until this is over. Cee is being a badass right now and making May ‘No Spend Month.’ I am excited to hear about her experience and what she can tell y’all.

If you’ve ever done a no spend month, we’d love to hear from you. If you have a different experience with a ‘No Spend Week’ tell us about it! Email us at


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