Healthy Living

Why are we doing a Fit Section?

You may be asking yourself why the foxy ladies are interested in sharing their fitness experiences alongside their frugal ways. A major motivation behind gaining control in other areas of our lives (i.e. finances) has now motivated us to either continue with consistent healthy habits or to begin a new healthy journey.

FitFrugalFox copyI have always been active as a child and throughout college, but it truly has taken me a while to become committed to a healthy lifestyle that works for me. Going to UNC Wilmington, I lived near a beach and often was surrounded by individuals who fit the image of living in a beach town. I would say these external reminders were motivation to me to choose healthy options, but I still was not able to understand why I was practicing this lifestyle. For me, it was about outer appearances, and not a holistic understanding and approach to health.
Once I entered graduate school and onward, I have become more dedicated to this idea of holistic health. It wasn’t until this year where I decided to commit to this lifestyle and begin to have a dedication to it. This lifestyle requires discipline, planning ahead, and letting yourself live a little. When I committed to paying off my debt this year, I realized how these behaviors also apply to my active lifestyle. For Vee, this lifestyle is a new transition, and she is looking forward to sharing her journey with you on here. As we move forward, we are sharing the changes in our habits and our dedication to the future.

Get ready, you’re in for it! We would love to hear more about your ideas, what inspires you to make changes, and what you do to be active while on a budget.

Tell us in the comments, and as always, if you have any questions, email us at



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